Hydraulic Cylinders

Repair | Rebuild | Lathe Work | Cylinder Testing | Honing

We understand that when your equipment stops working, your business suffers. 

U.S. Hydraulics will rebuild, repair or replace your cylinders. We repair all brands and types of hydraulic cylinders: high capacity, low capacity, heavy duty and light duty. You can trust us to get your cylinder repaired fast while ensuring the highest quality standards. 

Our hydraulic cylinder repair bench “nut buster” develops 76,000 lbs of torque – so we can work on the largest of cylinders.

Hydraulic Cylinder Testing

We test cylinders at extremely high pressure up to 10,000psi/690BAR.

This testing guarantees your product is safe, reliable, and of the highest quality possible. We take pride in the products we build and service, and want to give you the peace of mind that your product meets this level of quality


Our vast inventory of honing components allows us a quicker turn around time on your project.

Lathe Work

We have numerous lathes, including a 3″x 18″x 60″ lathe, a 5.25″ x 28″ x 135″ lathe, and a large scale 16″ x 50″ x 316″ lathe.

Having these lathes allow us to complete small and large cylinder rebuilds and manufacturing, once again ensuring our service is efficient and limiting the turn around time on your project.

Hydraulic Rebuild

Rather than purchasing new, we have the capabilities to completely overhaul your existing hydraulic components, saving you money.


Having your components re-chromed ensures longevity and proper function while the components are operating.

Is Your Cylinder Stuck?

Our hydraulic cylinder test bench “nutbuster” generates 76,000 foot-pounds of torque to disassemble the glands of hydraulic cylinders and tighten piston nuts.